IPSCMI can come to your workplace for your training needs

Q&A about training

  • An In-House session might be the answer to your training needs.
  • In-House training sessions are available for all IPSCMI training courses.
  • An IPSCMI instructor will come to your organization and customize our courses to fit the specific needs of your organization.
  • In-House Course Trainers list can be found at

Why should you think about IPSCMI in-house training:

  • Ability to customize the training course to fit the specific needs of your organization.
  • Better way to build momentum on your Journey to Excellence. The more people from your organization who participate the easier it is to create buy-in at all levels.
  • The per person cost is much less than sending participants to a public session.
  • Travel costs for staff are minimized.

It is most cost effective for organizations to have at least 20 participants in their In-House session. If you don't have 20 participants within your own organization, they should invite your suppliers, alliance partners, and neighboring organizations.

How do I set up an in-house course?

  • Choose Course(s)
  • Set Date(s) , contact IPSCMI at 253-248-7188/302-570-0886 or email to:
  • Set up a Meeting with the Instructor , to customize the content to suit your organization's needs (e-mail, phone, or in person)
  • Provide agreed-upon fees
  • Enroll students
  • Assure in-house students attend the course

A complete list of IPSCMI courses available for in-house training, please click here to download a catalog.




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