The American Certification Institute (ACI) and International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI) have instituted a program of HALF PRICE TRAINING for the duration of the current economic crisis for the above 3 categories of students.  The American Purchasing Society (APS) is also participating in this program and HALF PRICE TRAINING applies to Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) and Certified Professional Purchasing Manager (CPPM) training as well.  This HALF PRICE TRAINING offer applies not only to Online Training but also to Conventional Training SPONSORED AND CONDUCTED BY ACI OR IPSCMI anywhere in the world.  A complete listing of online courses is available at  Conventional Training available under this offer will be listed at and  Students who wish to apply for CERTIFICATION after CERTIFICATION PREPARATION COURSES may do so at the regular price.  Most ACI and IPSCMI certifications are available at $220.

Most online training is 4 weeks in length, the regular price for which is $220.  Half price would make the training available for $110.  Chinese students are given a special discount, and have a separate payment “button” at the payment gateway for ACI and IPSCMI.  Conventional training prices vary with course length and location and must be monitored at the above webpages.

To apply for this program, submit application (download here) and supporting documentation by Email or Fax to Ms. Fiona Xia at one of the below addresses.

The Program Director for this program is Ms. Fiona Xia.  She can be reached at the following addresses: (preferred)
US Tel: 1-206-309-7466
US Fax: 1-415-651-8884
China Tel: 86-10-8456-8580
China Fax: 86-10-6434-8698
“SnailMail” at our regular mailing address is NOT RECOMMENDED AND MIGHT DELAY YOUR APPLICATION!!
See you in class!

LeRoy H. Graw

President, IPSCMI and ACI


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