Who will benefit from the course on Lean Supply Chain Management?

Anyone located in purchasing, operations, logistics, management, marketing, logistics, inventory and materials management, productions planning and scheduling, demand forecast and supply planning, and project management.

What will you learn from this course

  1. Methods for developing and tracking strategic procurement initiatives         
  2. Strategy and tools to succeed in “standard” and “crisis” environments
  3. How to coordinate supply chain management and lean manufacturing
  4. Performance measure tools
  5. Tools needed to transform procurement from a cost center to a profit generator
  6. When to use lean tools
  7. How to integrate and shape lean manufacturing methods to a company specific basis
  8. Tools and Practices that Deal with Waste
  9. The Five S’s  
  10. Visual Control
  11. Standardized Work
  12. Mistake Proofing
  13. Total Productive Maintenance
  14. Cellular Manufacturing
  15. Single-digit Setup
  16. Pull System
  17. Sequencing and Mixed-model Production
  18. Activity-based Costing
  19. Leveled Production
  20. Flow Manufacturing




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