International Purchasing and Negotiation (4 Weeks) Course


  • Key overseas sourcing strategies and implementation steps
  • Basic documentation, including contracts, used in international procurement
  • Legal, political, and organizational considerations
  • Cultural issues within the negotiation process
  • Government regulations affecting the import/export process
  1. Domestic versus off-shore sourcing: an overview

  2. Starting an offshore global buying program

  3. Establishing global sourcing strategies

A.     Use of procurement plans stemming from organizational goals
B.    Striving to source through best channels
C.    Maintaining a total quality management system
D.   Comparing total landed cost of acquisition
E.    Seeking assurance of supply
F.     Using available procurement techniques
G.    Consideration of need for an international buying office

        4. Negotiations involving people from foreign cultures

        5. Business customs and courtesies of key nationalities

        6. Complying with U.S. and International Legalities

            A.    International buyer and seller obligations
            B.    Degree of applicability of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
            C.    Import customs laws and regulations
            D.   Antitrust laws and trade acts
            E.    United Nations Conventions
            F.    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
            G.    Global trade barriers
            F.    Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

         7. Preparing the international contract

            A.        Documentation required in international trade
            B.         What the buyer/importer should specify
            C.         Key clauses for offshore procurements
            D.        Dispute settlement clauses

        8. Meeting U.S. Customs laws and regulations

        9. U.S. Programs Benefiting the Importing Buyer

       10.  Methods of payment

        11. Protecting the purchase from foreign currency exposure

        12. Controlling global logistics costs

        15. Supplier relations

        14. Future buying prospects in global trade


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