Certified International Purchasing Manager (CIPM)

Certification Preparation Course

Purpose of Course

This certification examination review course is designed to prepare purchasing and materials management professionals for the Certified International Purchasing Manager (CIPM) Examination sponsored by the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI).  Certification as a CIPM is increasingly being specified in position descriptions and job announcements as desired and/or minimum qualifications to be met for such professionals.


Course Objectives


1.       To develop an in-depth understanding of the international sourcing, management and administration processes, and current issues as they relate to purchasing and supply chain management in an international context.

2.       To develop an understanding of what to study and how to study in preparation for the CIPM.

3.       To determine which CIPM tasks require the greatest amount of study and concentration in order to pass the CIPM examination.                  


Training Outline  


Differences: Domestic and Global Purchasing
Global Sourcing Levels
Global Sourcing Benefits
Switching from Domestic to Global Sourcing
Roadblocks to Overcome
Starting an Offshore Buying Program
Sourcing Strategies (Pros and Cons)
Domestic (US) Global Sourcing Companies
In Country-based Sourcing Representatives
Establishing Dedicated International Purchase Office (IPO)
Direct from Offshore Suppliers
Identifying and Qualifying Offshore Suppliers
Using available procurement techniques
Comparing total landed cost of acquisition
Negotiating With Offshore Suppliers
Financing the Transaction


The role of the UCC and CISG
Preparing the contract with the Offshore Supplier
Documentation required
Key clauses for the contract with the Offshore Supplier
Dispute settlement provisions for the contract with the Offshore Supplier
Recommended methods of payment
Protecting the purchase from foreign currency exposure
Terms of Purchase Documentation
The Terms of Shipping Documentation
What the Purchaser Should Specify in the International Purchase Contract
International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS)
Bill of Lading and Other International Purchasing Documents


International Negotiation
The Influence of Culture on International Negotiation
The International Negotiation Process
Managing International Negotiations


Decision Making
Global Negotiation Styles
“Negotiating With Americans”
“Negotiating With Chinese”
“Negotiating With Japanese”
 “Negotiating With Germans”
“Negotiating With Arabs”
“Negotiating With Mexicans”
 “Negotiating With Indians”
“Negotiating With Brazilians”
“Negotiating With Filipinos”
“Negotiating With Vietnamese”
Practical Issues in Cross-Cultural Negotiation




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