Accounting and Finance for Non-financial Managers Course (4 Weeks)

1. Introduction   
Contemporary accounting and financial management     
Evolution & goals of accounting and financial management

2. Financial Statements
Financial statements    
Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement

3. Special topics----financial analysis
Financial statement analysis, Horizontal, Vertical, and Ratio Analysis     
Financial Statement Analysis

4.Financial forecasting-CVP and Breakeven analysis
Short-term forecasts
Cost-Volume-Profit and Breakeven Analysis

5. Working capital
Working capital policy---------
Working capital management      
Short vs long-term financing
Cash & receivables

6. Long term investment decisions
Present & future value-Capital budgeting   Single amounts & annuities
NPV, IRR, Payback

7. Cost of capital
Sources & forms of long-term financing
Definitions & calculation
Capital markets                             
Debt, Common Stock and Preferred stock

8. Other long-term financing decisions
Valuation of financial assets & closely held businesses                        
Stocks, bonds, hybrids



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